HBM lunch for MEG researcher at HBM/June 19

Ole Jensen ole.jensen at DONDERS.RU.NL
Sun May 10 22:26:29 CEST 2009

Dear MEG researcher,

We would like to invite you to a lunch meeting Friday June 19, 12:30 at HBM2009/San Francisco. We hope to explore ways to strengthen the MEG community. We find it particularly important given that the increase of MEG groups warrants more initiatives for improving the communication between groups.

Points to discuss:
- Practical initiatives for strengthening communication between MEG groups
  * mailing lists/websites
  * satellite meetings in connection with conferences (e.g. HBM, FENS,...)
- Improve education on MEG analysis (summer schools, boot camps, student exchanges,..)
- How to promote a stronger presence in high impact journals and international meetings?

The room will be posted later.

Best regards,

Ole Jensen, Joachim Gross and Srikantan Nagarajan

P.S. Please bring your own lunch
P.P.S. Please forward this message to other MEG researchers (we do not have a complete list).

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