VL: aivoAALTO/open positions in Finland

Tue Mar 24 08:44:31 CET 2009

Dear Colleagues

Our newly established multidisciplinary "aivoAALTO" research project
opens positions in the field of systems-level human brain imaging and
related research, with a strong focus on social interaction in natural
settings, including economic decision making, cinema viewing,
and methodological development.

The project involves Helsinki University of Technology (TKK, www.tkk.fi
), Helsinki School of Economics (HSE, www.hse.fi ) and Helsinki University
of Art and Design (TAIK, www.taik.fi ). These three schools are just
merging to form a new Aalto University ("Aalto", meaning wave,
honors the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto).

The positions, available immediately for up to 3 years, are the following:
. 1 PhD student in neuroeconomics and decision making
. 1 PhD student in neurocinematics
. 1 PhD student in brain-imaging-related signal analysis
. 3 postdoctoral positions in human brain imaging and related research
. 2 senior scientist positions in human brain imaging and related research

For further information, see

Riitta Hari, prof.
Brain Research Unit
Low Temperature Laboratory
Helsinki University of Technology
Puumiehenkuja 2, room #250
02015 TKK, Espoo, Finland
tel +358 9 451 2959, fax +358 9 451 3508
hari at neuro.hut.fi
http://neuro.hut.fi (Brain Research Unit)
http://ltl.tkk.fi/wiki/LTL/Contact_information (How to find us)

Advanced Magnetic Imaging Centre (AMI)
Helsinki University of Technology

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