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Dear Fieldtrippers,

I have some trouble using 'timelockstatistics' for task vs baseline
comparisons (the code I'm using is pasted below).

In the output of timelockstatistics, I get only one (!) time sample (prob,
stat, mask: 266 (channels) x 1 (time)), even if I specify the parameter
cfg.latency (e.g. [0 0.2]). However, when I plot the statistics afterwards,
it is possible to plot the whole time window I specified in cfg.latency -
even though the topography seems to be the same for each time bin...

The steps I do before computing timelockstatistics are the following:
1) Compute timelockanalyis separately for the task (cfg.latency = [0.05
0.4]) and the baseline (cfg.latency = [-0.4 -0.5]) separately
2) Compute timelockgrandaverage for task and baseline
3) Use the code below to compute timelockstatistics

Can anybody help me with this issue?
I would be very glad about any suggestions on what is going wrong here!!


cfg = [];
cfg.grad = timelockUprightTask{1}.grad;
cfg.channel = {'MEG', '-MLP12', '-MRC14', '-MLT41', '-MRC25', '-MRP56',
'-MRT21', '-ML021', '-MRO44', '-MRT47'};
cfg.statistic = 'actvsblT';
cfg.clusterthreshold = 'parametric';
cfg.clusteralpha = 0.05;
cfg.alpha = 0.05;
cfg.makeclusters = 'yes';
cfg.minnbchan = 3;
cfg.parameter = 'individual';
cfg.clusterstatistic = 'maxsum';
cfg.onetwo = 'twosided';
cfg.method = 'montecarlo';
cfg.correctm = 'cluster';
cfg.numrandomization = 1000;
cfg.latency = [0 0.2];
nSubjects = length(filesUprightTask);
a = [1:nSubjects];
b = ones(1,nSubjects);
cfg.design = [a a; b (2*b)];
cfg.uvar = 1;
cfg.ivar = 2;
timelockstat =

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