Modying Maris et al. (2007) for acute animal recordings

Adrian Bartlett adrian.m.bartlett at GMAIL.COM
Fri Jun 5 20:32:43 CEST 2009

I am wondering if any of you have any advice or experience adapting the
methods of Maris et al. (2007) to acute animal recordings.
The basic problem is that we sample different locations on different days,
each yielding different trial numbers, and they certainly aren't 'the same

The simplest way to deal with this, as I see it, is as follows:

Carry out Maris et al. (2007) methods within each session, clustering across
time (we are working with dynamic spectra and coherencies), frequency, and
space. To correct for the multiple recording sessions, use a crude
bonferonni-corrected P-value as the threshold for the Monte-Carlo P value
(prcit/nsess) for identifying significant clusters. ((or correct the
critical value for establishing what the empirical clusters are initially))

Is this unsound in any way? Any alternatives?
The obvious drawbacks are having to introduce bonferroni-correction, as well
as losing sensitivity to weak effects seen in spatial proximity across
different sessions (i.e. the same guide tube position over many days).

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance.

Adrian M. Bartlett, BA
Neuroscience Graduate Diploma Program
Graduate Program in Psychology
Perception & Plasticity Laboratory
Centre for Vision Research
York University, Toronto, ON, Canada

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