SPM2 and SPM5

Wei Wang bmewang at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jan 21 23:01:50 CET 2009

Hi FieldTrip friends,

We're starting to use FieldTrip for our MEG data analysis.  The main problem I 
have is that the FieldTrip toolbox does not segment my MRI data properly, 
e.g. it will miss a lot of gray matters.  What would be the general suggestions 
for this type of problem?  Is it possible for me to fine tune the segmentation 

Also, it seemed to me that FieldTrip uses SPM2 for the segmentation.  I'm 
wondering if FieldTrip is going to switch to SPM5 or not, assuming that SPM5 
is more recent than SPM2.

Another thing is that we have a Elekta Neuromag Vectorview 306-channel 
system, different from the CTF system that FCDC uses.  If somebody has 
been able to do source localization successfully with FieldTrip toolbox and 
Neuromag MEG data, do you mind me asking you a couple of quick questions?

Thank you very much and I appreciate the help!


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