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Jim Li megjim1 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 30 21:21:01 CEST 2009

Dear FTer:

I wonder if anybody can tell me how to get the full color bar when plotting 
w/ "singleplotTFR" or "multiplotTFR".

I ran the following commands: 
cfg              = [];
cfg.layout       = '4D248.lay';
cfg.ylim = [5 30]
cfg.interactive  = 'yes'; 
cfg.showlabels   = 'yes';
cfg.colorbar         = 'yes';'A2'

But what I get on the right side of the figure is a colorbar w/ only half of the 
color (usually the cold colors like blue or green), and the numbers on the right 
side of the colorbar seem to be wrongly placed (see attachment). How can I 
get all the colors (both hot and cold) displayed in the colorbar?

FYI, I controled the values of TF.powspctrm so that, for the channel displayed 
(A2), all values before time 0 is 3e-25, and all values after time 0 is 1e-25. 
But the color bar is telling me that the blue should be 2e-25, which is totally 
wrong! It's as if something happened that moved the whole colorbar up by half 
of the data range, then cut off the top of it (i.e. the hot colors).

In fact, I think Fig 3 of the online tutorial 
( probably suffered 
from the same problem.



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