4D data reading -> 148 channel system

Julian Keil julian.keil at GMAIL.COM
Wed Oct 8 17:22:14 CEST 2008

Hello everyone,

i just tried to read 4D raw data as was suggested in the recent
Unfortunately, I encountered 2 Problems:

First, Matlab still enters the debug-mode, although I'm using the
latest version of Fieldtrip
Second, though I can read the raw datal, the labels for the MEG
channels are missing. The data.hdr.label contains the 165 recorded
channels but the labels are not the Names but - as I think - the
(e.g. A3+03).
Could it be, that the definition for the 148-channel 4d-system is
Does anyone have a hint hw to solve this?

Thanks a lot

Julian Keil

Dipl. Psych. Julian Keil

University of Konstanz
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