error during source interpolation

Frederic Roux fredericroux at HOTMAIL.DE
Sat Nov 8 11:22:45 CET 2008

Dear fieldtrippers,
I am having a hard time trying to compute the source interpolation.
For source analysis I use:
cfg.xgrid = 'auto'
cfg.ygrid = 'auto'
cfg.zgrid = 'auto'
which later results in:
source.dim = [length(cfg.xgrid) length(cfg.ygrid) length(cfg.zgrid)];
source.dim = [4 4 4];
the problem here is that sourceinterpolate calls the function checkdata
where @ line 550:
data.transform = pos / ind;
here pos is a 4000x4 array and ind is a 64x4 array because ind is
computed as following:
xgrid = 1:data.dim(1);
ygrid = 1:data.dim(2);
zgrid = 1:data.dim(3);
[x y z] = ndgrid(xgrid, ygrid, zgrid);
ind =  [x(:) y(:) z(:)];    
so of course I get the error message that the array dimensions do not
match for division because you cannot divide a 4000x4 array by a 64x4
so then I tried:
source.dim = [4 4 250];
which results in the dimensions 4000x4 for ind and circumvents the
error message.However, I guess that besides diminishing my personal
frustration this does not really solve the problem.
So if anyone out there has an idea or a suggestion I would be very,
very, very thankful.
Have nice week end,

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