coherence stats

Bernhard Staresina bps231 at NYU.EDU
Wed May 21 02:58:14 CEST 2008

Dear FieldTrip experts,

I have a quick question about the statistical assessment of coherence. I
first derive coherence values across two channels of interest for condition
A and condition B by running (i) FREQ = freqanalysis [with cfg.output =
'powandcsd'] followed by (ii) COH = freqdescriptives(FREQ), separately for
each condition.
Now, how can I assess whether the coherence values differ significantly
between condition A and condition B? First I thought the I can just plug in
COH_condition_A and COH_condition_B into freqstatistics (using montecarlo
randomizations). But given that COH doesn't contain trial-by-trial data any
more, that doesn't seem to work. So, I assume that I should use
FREQ_condition_A and FREQ_condition_B instead? But if so, how does the code
know what data to choose for the stats (e.g., crsspctrm versus powspctrm)?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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