Sourcestatistics & MNI-grids

Christine Tillmann tillmann at MPIH-FRANKFURT.MPG.DE
Fri Jan 25 09:53:31 CET 2008

Hi All,

I'm trying to compute virtual channel data using the lcmv-beamformer. As
a first step, I created MNI-aligned dipole grids for all subjects to be
able to combine the output of source analysis across subjects. But now
it seems a bit tricky to feed those source-level data into

Sourcestatistics seems to require computing the grand average over
subjects first, but using sourcegrandaverage here returns the error
message that grid locations are different across subjects.

Do I need to interpolate and normalize each volume after all, before
combining the source-level data? Maybe by using the transformation
matrix that was computed for each subject when I normalised each
individual anatomy to the MNI-template?? Or else, by copying the
template grid positions to the individual subject data directly??
Can anyone help me out?

I'd be grateful for any advice on this!

Thanks & Best Regards,

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