DICS error

Peter Lin linpe at NINDS.NIH.GOV
Thu Jan 24 03:14:26 CET 2008

Recently, there was a problem with running fieldtrip analysis off of the NIMH MEG data for DICS.  
This worked after a change of ctf_read_res4.m file.  I ran the DICS script and it was fine until this 
error came up:

the input is freq data with 273 channels, 21 frequencybins and no timebins

reading headmodel from file /home/linpe/raid/linpe/20071031/**_pright.ds/default.hdm

using gradiometers specified in the data

3794 dipoles inside, 11074 dipoles outside brain

computing cross-spectrum from fourier

??? Reference to non-existent field 'refchan'.


Error in ==> prepare_freq_matrices at 247

    refindx = match_str(freq.label, cfg.refchan);


Error in ==> sourceanalysis at 714

    [Cf, Cr, Pr, Ntrials, cfg] = prepare_freq_matrices(cfg,



Error in ==> pcc1 at 61

            [source] = sourceanalysis(cfg, freq);

Any idea what led to this?

Thanks in advance,


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