Import Data from Neuralynx

Natalia Grion grion at SISSA.IT
Fri Feb 8 16:41:51 CET 2008

Hi Robert and Marijn,

As you suggested I updated fieldtrip with the new neuralynx reading code.
So,  I started with the importing procedure again.
Running hdr = read_header(dirname); I find these errors:

First: A "Warning message" appears for each nst file: "could not
determine filetype of...\Sc5.nst"
Then this error:
 ??? Invalid MEX-file ...\fieldtrip-20080206\@uint64\minus.mexw32': The
specified procedure could not be found.
(the module @uint64 is in fieldtrip folder which is already in the path)

 Error in ==> fileio-20080206\private\read_neuralynx_ds at 139
% this should be in double precision, since it can be fractional

I tried to find out a solution, but although it seems to be simple, I
Thanks for your help!

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