topoplotER and timelockstatistics output

Daniel Senkowski dsenkows at UKE.DE
Wed Aug 27 17:43:44 CEST 2008

Dear all,

I am receiving a "Index exceeds matrix dimensions" error message when trying
to plot the output (e.g., stat.mask) of the cluster-based non-parametric
statistic and the very last value of the stat.mask is a "1". Temporarily,
this problem could be solved when setting the last value to "0" (e.g.,
stat.mask(274) = 0).



>> cfg = [];     = 'blank';
cfg.layout    = '/home/senk/PROGRAMS/fieldtrip-20080826/CTF274.lay';
cfg.highlight = find(stat.mask);
cfg.comment   = 'no';
figure; topoplotER(cfg, GA19_ERF_P)
title('Nonparametric: significant with cluster multiple comparison correction')

reading layout from file /home/senk/PROGRAMS/fieldtrip-20080826/CTF274.lay
??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in ==> topoplot at 549
    hp2    = plot(y(cfg.highlight), x(cfg.highlight), cfg.hlmarker, 'Color',
cfg.hlcolor, 'markersize', cfg.hlmarkersize, ...

Error in ==> topoplotER at 371

>> stat

stat = 

                   prob: [274x1 double]
            posclusters: [1x2 struct]
    posclusterslabelmat: [274x1 double]
        posdistribution: [1x100 double]
            negclusters: []
    negclusterslabelmat: [274x1 double]
        negdistribution: [1x100 double]
                   mask: [274x1 logical]
                   stat: [274x1 double]
                 dimord: 'chan'
                  label: {274x1 cell}
                    cfg: [1x1 struct]

>> stat.mask(274) = 0;

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