using prepare_layout and gradfile to generate mags and planar layout

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Mon May 7 14:33:16 CEST 2007

Hi Sameer

On 19 Apr 2007, at 23:22, Sameer Walawalkar wrote:
> Usually this meant lay.labels did not have MEG in them. In the
> past, I have taken care of these errors by making changes to
> Topoplot and multiplot and adding the MEG to the labels.

Why don't you make a couple of layout files yourself with the
selection of channels that you are interested in for plotting? With
the matlab editor and some search-and-replace it is easy to change
the channel labels to either include the "MEG " part or not (takes
care of your deviant channel names).

Knowing that they are systematically ordered, it is also easy to
remove every second and third line in the file (takes care of the
subset selection of planar or magnetometer channels).

Editing these files in a text editor will only take you 5-10 minutes
or so.

> But with each version of changes being made, it becomes tougher and
> tougher to keep up with this.

That is why it is helpfull to use your own layout files instead of
changing the code, since they do not change (assuming that you name
them differently and keep them in a place where they are not
overwritten by FT upgrades).

> Incidently, my most currently download (april 18) is giving this
> weird error for mags.lay :
> cfg.layout = NM306mags.lay;
> reading layout from file NM306all.lay
> ??? Trouble reading floating point number from file (row 1, field
> 1) ==> MATLAB 5.0 MAT-file, Platform:

You are not using Matlab 5.0 are you? It seems to be a matlab error,
or your layout file not detected as being an ascii file. Since I do
not know what is your file "NM306mags.lay", it might also be that
your file is corrupt. Fieldtrip does include a file with the name
NM306mag.lay, without the 's'. You can try that one.


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