strel_bol function for creating a head model

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Sun Mar 11 14:48:54 CET 2007

Dear Brian

please find it attached. It is a simple function that I wrote, but it
is not used in FieldTrip proper and therefore not included in the zip
file. Note that it constructs a spherical smoothing kernel
("structural element"=strel in image processing terminology). Sphere
is "bol" in Dutch.

best regards,

On 10 Mar 2007, at 1:00, Brian Roach wrote:
> FT users,
> This tutorial (
> id=fieldtrip:documentation:create_bem_headmodel_for_eeg) calls a
> function "strel_bol", which I do not have in my matlab library.
> Does anyone have this function?  Is it from one of the toolboxes,
> FieldTrip, or some other location?  I have just downloaded the
> latest F.T. version and cannot find this function.
> thanks,
> Brian

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