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Mon Mar 12 10:59:19 CET 2007

I am not sure whether it has reached the group so sending it again!
sorry for the inconvience incase it has reached the group
These are the configuration steps of the data for DICS

hdr     = read_fcdc_header('pd_mof_tr0_c_0306.cnt');
emgindx = strmatch('M', hdr.label);
rstindx = setdiff(1:length(hdr.label),emgindx);

          Fs: 1000
        nChans: 64
      nSamples: 74520
   nSamplesPre: 0
       nTrials: 1
         label: {1x64 cell}
          orig: [1x1 struct]

%Defining trials
trl = [];
trl(:,1) = [21:1000:74520-1000]';
trl(:,2) = [1020:1000:74520]';
trl(:,3) = 0;

cfg         = [];
cfg.dataset = 'pd_mof_tr0_c_0306.cnt';
cfg.trl     = trl;
cfg.blc     = 'yes'; = hdr.label(rstindx);
data_eeg        = preprocessing(cfg);

cfg.hpfilter = 'yes';
cfg.hpfreq   = 10;  = hdr.label(emgindx);
cfg.rectify  = 'yes';
data_emg          = preprocessing(cfg);

data         = appenddata([],data_eeg,data_emg);

I get the error
??? Error using ==> appenddata
cannot determine how the data should be concatenated

This is because after including the reference channels with EEG channels are
61 and EMG channels  are 5,
inorder to execute the DICS method with reference channel these steps are
necessary for the CSD to be complete

Is there a way to add the data with these two extra reference channels?
any comments on this would be appreciated

Thanking you
With regards

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