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Till Schneider t.schneider at UKE.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
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Dear Brian,

basically you can use the example script from the field trip website.
Additionally, I attach the script we used for most of our subjects. We
made some slight changes, in order to adapt it to our individual MRIs.
We had for example a very large Field of View containing the whole neck,
so we dropped these voxels. You have to adapt the script to your images
and make some plots in between to check the results of the intermediate
steps (e.g. with sourceplot.m). To align the indiviual electrode
positions to the headmodel you can use the fieldtrip function
electroderealign.m. See the example script:
  for usage.

Best regards,

Brian Roach schrieb:
> Till,
> Thanks so much for the tutorial document.  After a recent grant 
> submission, we have some time to really dig into this, and I have a 
> question for you:
> from the doc...
> 1)      Create BEM model using the following example script (link to 
> 'BEM example script'):
> - create brain, skull and skin compartments using volumesegment.m and 
> image processing functions
> - use these compartments as input for the prepare_bemmodel.m function
>   (which uses the C-Program 'Dipoli', available upon request )
> ...
> Do you have a BEM example script, or should I try to use what is 
> listed on the field trip website 
> ( 
> id=fieldtrip:documentation:create_bem_headmodel_for_eeg)?
> I wasn't sure which you intended to have someone use.
> thanks,
> Brian
> At 11:26 AM 2/13/2007, you wrote:
>> Dear Brian,
>> I`ve worked with the prepare_bemmodel script for constructing a 
>> forward model for source localization of EEG data. Find attached a 
>> little tutorial with the steps I took for creating the BEM from an 
>> individual MRI. The plan is to put it also on the fieldtrip wiki 
>> (sooner or later). Please let me know if you have questions on this 
>> tutorial.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Till
>> Robert Oostenveld schrieb:
>>> The prepare_bemmodel function is in the zip file on the ftp server. 
>>> The dipoli executable is attached to this mail. There exists only a 
>>> linux i386 and an apple PPC version. You are not permitted to 
>>> distribute the dipoli executable, it is not covered under the GPL 
>>> license but made available courtesy of Thom Oostendorp.
>>> best regards,
>>> Robert
>>> On 12 Feb 2007, at 22:32, Brian Roach wrote:
>>>> Where can I find these functions listed below?
>>>> % the prepare_bemmodel function is available upon request % the 
>>>> dipoli stand-alone executable is available upon request

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