problem on wavelet analysis

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Thu Mar 29 13:59:42 CEST 2007

Dear experts,

  Could you give me ome suggestion for wavelet analysis? These parameters are OK in EEG data I count using ohter software. I don't think it's different for MEG data but the error happened...

  >> cfg=[];
>> cfg.sgn='MEG';
>> cfg.method='wltconvol';
>> cfg.width=3;
>> cfg.foi=4:1:30;
>> cfg.toi=-0.4:0.05:1.4;
>> TFRwave_PA_A=freqanalysis(cfg, PA_A_fildata);
??? Error using ==> zeros
  Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.
  Error in ==> C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\fieldtrip-20070328\freqanalysis_wltconvol.m
On line 234  ==>     if csdflg, crsspctrm = complex(zeros(numsgncmb,numfoi,numtoi)); end
  Error in ==> C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\fieldtrip-20070328\freqanalysis.m
On line 170  ==> [freq] = feval(sprintf('freqanalysis_%s',lower(cfg.method)), cfg, data);

  Any suggestions are appreciated.


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