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Grant McAuley gmcauley at LLU.EDU
Tue Mar 6 03:32:41 CET 2007


I have been asked to help with the analysis of some fetal sheep EEG
data.  I have a pretty good programing background, and some MATLAB
experience, but am lacking in EEG and related background.

What we want to do seems rather simple compared to what it looks like
Fieldtrip can do.  So, before really diving in, it would be helpful to
know if this is the right tool for our problem and not overkill.

Basically, we need to:
1) Open time series data that is in ASCII format.  The data is just one
or two channels of potentials from one or two electrodes sampled at

2) Identify regions in the data that have 'high voltage/low frequency'
or 'low voltage/high frequency'.  (Perhaps this could be determined
based on average in data region vs average potential of whole data set).

3) Calculate power spectra for the data regions.

4) Calculate spectral edge frequencies for the data regions

5) Do some simple statistics comparing data regions (eg, spectral edge
frequency of controls vs experimental group).

6) Creating m files to automate as much as possible.

So my questions are:

1) Is this straight forward to do in Fieldtrip?

2) Do we need anything more than the MATLAB program itself (ie, do we
need any other MATLAB toolboxes)?

3) Is there another (free) library that might be better for this kind of
a problem?

Answers to these questions would be very help and much appreciated.

~ Grant

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