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Sameer Walawalkar sameer at ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Thu Feb 22 16:38:56 CET 2007

Do I have to install fmrlab to be able to use binica? (Look below). this
is all in interest of trying to do ICA as quick as possible. Runica or
varimax seem to take 3 hrs (without pca reduction).

cfg.method = 'binica'
cfg.binica.pca = 50;
compRR_binica_pca = componentanalysis(cfg, dataRR);
selecting 307 channels
baseline correcting data
concatenating data..............................
concatenated data matrix size 307x120030
starting decomposition using binica
binica: using source file
binica(): ica binary '/data/common/matlab/fmrlab/ica_linux' is not in your
Matlab path, check
??? One or more output arguments not assigned during call to

Error in ==> <a
at 331</a>
       [weights, sphere] = binica(dat, optarg{:});

On a connected note, rejectcomponent.m for rejecting ICAs gives an error
when we pass three arguments (cfg, components, data). you need to do this
(correct me if I am wrong) if you have done pca reduction.


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