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Sameer Walawalkar sameer at ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Mon Feb 12 17:54:40 CET 2007

createlayout has new problems :

??? Error using ==> createlayout
could not open electrode file: neuromag306

The field trip directory contains many layout files but not the ones
useful for neuromag. How does one go about making one?


On Mon, 12 Feb 2007, Jan Mathijs Schoffelen wrote:

> Hi Sameer,
> To start with your last question:
>> Finally, while trying to see the spatial topography of the signals,
>> using
>> >> lay = createlayout('neuromag306.lay');
>> gives me error
>> 	??? Undefined command/function 'createlayout'
>> even though the createlayout.m file exists in the private folder. (I am
>> aware this might be a matlab problem and am looking into that too.)
> The problem you mention is probably due to the fact, that createlayout is
> inside the private-folder. M-files which are located within the folder which
> contains the private-folder, have access to the functions which are private.
> However, private functions cannot be accessed from the command-line. You
> might try copying createlayout to a location which is on your matlab-path
> and retry the command.
>> After doing (from
>> se_independent_component_analysis_ica_to_remove_ecg_artifacts)
>> 	 comp  = componentanalysis(cfg, data);
>> what command can I use in order to visually identify which
>> components I should remove, In other words, how do I plot the components
>> (like in EEGlab) before I can use the command to remove the components?
> Identifying the artifactual components can be done in a variety of ways:
> 1 you can plot the spatial topography, as specified in comp.comp. Artifacts
> often have a typical topography.
> 2 if you recorded an ECG-channel you can compute a QRS-complex triggered
> average, to identify those components being ECG-like. (Or similarly, you can
> compute coherence between the external ECG and your components).
> 3 eye-movements and muscle artifacts betray themselves by their spatial
> topography and time course.
> Yours,
> Jan-Mathijs

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