how to create data structure

Shantanu Ghosh sghosh at HSS.IITD.AC.IN
Mon Feb 26 15:17:14 CET 2007

Hi FT users,

This is a stupid question but I will ask it anyway. I have started to 
understand a lot of the FT program logics, but I still have to get a 
bearing on the data structure of the input. My data is  116384 datapoints 
long sampled at 115.34 Hz. 
I can load my data data structure not in FT list)from single subject in a 
single recording session( in matlab workspace and implement the following 
code as suggested:

data = [];
> data.fsample = 115.34
> data.label = {'Fz';'Fp1'; ... 'Oz'};
> data.trial = cell(Ntrial,1);
>  for i=1:Ntrial
> 	data.trial{i} = 24 x 40
>  end

However, at the prompt it says:

Data structure not compatible. Error in matrix location or matrix dimension.

My question is, how do you create the Nchan (=24) X NTrialSamp (= 40 trials)
matrix from continuous data?


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