Question concerning statistics in fieldtrip

Markus Werkle-Bergner werkle at MPIB-BERLIN.MPG.DE
Mon Feb 12 20:39:40 CET 2007


in my PhD studies, I am working on lifespan differences on binding
processes during visual perception. And for most parts of my ERP and TFR
analyses, I use Fieldtrip - and it works fine.

But currently, I'm a bit puzzled, how to set up appropriate statistical
tests for my power and phase-locking analyses. Perhaps, I first describe
my basic design:
Subjects from  three age-groups (factor AGE, 3 levels, between subject)
performed a simple visual discrimination task, while I varied the
'amount' of visual input in three levels (factor SIZE, 3 levels, whithin
subject). The data was recored from 64 electrodes. I am mainly
interested in the question, whether the effect of visual stimulation
changes across age-groups (AGE x SIZE interaction), and where this
interaction effect is located topographically (on the scalp level).

Is it in general possible, to use the statistical interface of Fieltrip
(e.g. clusterrandanalysis) to estimate - in one model - mixed designs
like the one decribed above (with more than three levels per factor)? If
this is the case, could anyone please give me a hint how to implement it?

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Best regards,

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