one-sided clusteranalysis

Eric Maris maris at NICI.RU.NL
Thu Aug 2 11:40:24 CEST 2007

Dear Claudia,

> i'm testing acivation versus baseline of distinct time-frequency windows
> consisting of power-increase or decrease using clusterrandanalysis with
> cfg.onetwo = 'onesided_act<bl' and 'bl<act',  respectively. i expected
> to obtain only positive clusters by this analysis but most often it
> results in positive and negative clusters. is this right? an why do
> negative clusters reach significance in a one-sided test?

Could you send me the code and the data that you use for this analysis?

Eric Maris

dr. Eric Maris

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MSc Cognitive Neuroscience

> thanks
> claudia
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