definetrial crashes matlab

Sameer Walawalkar sameer at ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Mon Apr 2 22:48:11 CEST 2007


I am having an instance of matlab crashing when I try to run definetrial. The
error message I get on my ssh client is

[sameer at master SA]$ Warning:magnetometer.c:223:Error reading fif-file!
No such file or directory
terminate called after throwing an instance of

[1]    Abort                         matlab

the file clearly exists.
[sameer at master SA]$ ls
SA_040207_One.fif  STI101.mat

and the following  command works.
[STI101,SF] = rawchannels('SA_040207_One.fif','STI101');

I get the error message when I use

cfgLL =  []    ;
cfgLL.dataset = 'SA_040207_One.fif' ;
cfgLL.headerfile = 'SA_040207_One.fif' ;
cfgLL.datatype = 'continuous' ;
cfgLL.trialdef.eventtype  = 'STI101'  ;
cfgLL.trialdef.eventvalue = 7    ; cfgLL.trialdef.prestim = .499;
cfgLL.trialdef.poststim = .500;

cfgLL =  definetrial(cfgLL);

If I use a different data file instead of the one mentioned above (after
changing to corresponding directory), the setup shown above works, and has
consistently worked in the past.

How could i troubleshoot it?

thanks for your time.


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