reading .sdq format

Jeremie MATTOUT jeremiemattout at YAHOO.FR
Thu Nov 23 17:06:40 CET 2006

Dear Fieldtrip users and developers,

I need to read Yokogawa MEG data (*.sdq files).

I saw on the fieldtrip web site that some functions should be available from the fieldtrip FTP server.
However I have not been able to download them. Any help would be most welcome.

To be a bit more precise, I am looking for a filter that would import those data format directly into Matlab or, alternatively, that would enable me to produce binary (.bin) files that I should then be able to convert into Matlab.

Many Thanks,

Jeremie Mattout

Service Hospitalier Frédéric
Joliot CEA
4 pl. du Général Leclerc
Orsay, F91401 FRANCE


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