64 bit.. detrending...

Ali Mazaheri ali.mazaheri at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Thu Nov 23 14:39:52 CET 2006

Dear fieldtrippers...
I've noticed that when I run  some scripts on my pc I get quite diffrent
results than when I run them on the 64 bit linux clusters.

I initially thought perhaps it had to do with the matlab version.. and
specifically the detrend function and specific toolboxes.. but that does not
appear to be case
since  puting the toolboxes of matlab 7.0.1 (the matlab on my pc) on the
path of the matlab7.1.0 ( the one on the 64 bit clusters)  still gives
different results.

If any one has experience with this.. or suggestions please let me know.....



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