Source reconstruction

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Dear Juan,

You can create time-courses of your sources by using the lcmv-method of
sourceanalysis. The input to sourceanalysis should be a timelock-structure
which has been obtained with cfg.keeptrials = 'yes'
The easiest way to reconstruct your single-trial source time-courses would
be to specify cfg.keepfilter = 'yes' in your sourceanalysis-configuration.
In the output of sourceanalysis you will find the field avg.filter, which
contains the filter weights of your locations of interest.
You can obtain a single-trial estimate of your source activation at a
particular location by multiplying your data with the filter-weights as


This will give you the reconstructed source activity in trial j at location



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I have already localize an activation in the brain and now I want to
calculate time course of the selected sources.

I have thought about chosing the sources by hand and then programming the
time reconstruction but I would like to ask if there is any code to make it.

Thank you

Juan Civeira
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