clusterrandomization on 3D-data within-subject

Olga Sysoeva olga at GRAPHICMIND.INFO
Sat May 13 09:27:44 CEST 2006

Dear list members,

Thank you everybody for your help! I've already got interesting results using clusterrandomization on my data! Thanks a lot!

Now I have a question about using the clusterrandomization on 3-D data (channel-time-frequency) in within-subject analysis. 
As I understand it is possible with Fieldtrip, but I really newby in time-frequency anlysis, therefore wanted your comments, 
as far as I didn't find the example of the application of clusteranalysis on this set of the data in tuturial.

I successfully conduct the within-subject clusterrandomization on my grand-average data, which does not have the third, frequency demintion.
Now I want to add it. But I could not apply freqanalyisis on grandavarage data, could I? Should I made the TFR of individual data and than grand-avarage the result?
Which function should I use?

Best Regards,
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