problems using multiplotTFR for eeg-files.

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Thu Mar 23 13:25:57 CET 2006

Hi Carina,

Here is another clue:

> Warning: Divide by zero.
>> In fieldtrip-20060306\private\nan_mean at 57
>   In freqbaseline>TFabschange at 201
>   In freqbaseline at 109
>   In multiplotTFR at 142

These warnings indicate that the specified baseline period does not
contain any power, which is due to the wavelet being too long. I
suggest to start with plotting a single TFR without any baseline
correction, using the standard matlab function imagesc. Then you can
see at which latency the power starts to be real-valued (insted of
nans, which indicate that the wavelet is not yet completely inside
the data).


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