Volume conduction models for EEG

Juan Civeira jciveira at UNAV.ES
Mon Apr 24 16:55:43 CEST 2006


I am making my master thesis about coherent sources using data from EEG.

I have done the tutorial of beamforming and I have done several analysis
with my own data and the results are quite good but I know that they can be

I have used the multiple spheres model and now I want to use a realistic
model but I don´t have the software. I have looked for it on the internet
but I only found commercial software.

Does anyone know any freeware to create a realistic model for EEG? I have
the data and I also have a MRI and I want to use them all for displaying the

Moreover, Fieldtrip supports  all forward models supported by the Neuromag
meg-calc toolbox. Is there any way of making one of those models without
using the commercial software?

Thank you very much

Juan Civeira
Neurociencias - Lab. Neurofisiologia de Sistemas 
Fundacion para la Investigacion Medica Aplicada
Edificio CIMA 
Pio XII, 55 31080 Pamplona (Spain)

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