topoplotTFR error?

Floris de Lange floris.delange at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Mon Apr 24 13:49:55 CEST 2006

Dear fieldtrippers,

When using topoplotTFR, since today I get the following error:

??? Input argument "Y" is undefined.

Error in ==> fieldtrip/private/topoplot at 77
Xpos = -0.45+0.9*(Y - min(Y)) /(max(Y) - min(Y));

Error in ==> topoplotER at 268

Error in ==> topoplotER at 170
    topoplotER(cfg, data);

Error in ==> topoplotTFR at 72
topoplotER(cfg, varargin{:});

As far as I can remember, this function worked fine for me last week, so
I'm wondering if I'm doing something stupid or whether there is a bug in
the function.
Any ideas?


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