simulation of a dataset with multiple dipoles

Florian Ph.S Fischmeister Florian.Fischmeister at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Thu Jul 28 20:21:27 CEST 2005

Dear Experts,

I am trying to simulate an EEG dataset containing multiple dipoles. I do
understand, that I can have a single dipole with a different moment and
time course per trial using cell-arrays. But how can I obtain multiple
dipoles? Is it correct to simulate one dataset per dipol and than sum
the different datasets?

Currently I am using a 4 spherical shell model with
  cfg.vol.r = [71 72 79 85];
  cfg.vol.c = [0.3300 1 0.0042 0.3300];
  cfg.vol.o = [0 0 0];
taken from EEGLAB.

What are the correct steps to obtain a BEM forward head-model based on an MRI
for an individual electrode setting for dipolesimulation.

Finaly, I want to check the simulation using the dipolefitting routine
included in fieldtrip. Could you please provide some information on how
the appropriate cfg should look like.

Thanks in advance,


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