topoplotER shows error message

Sehatpour, Pejman Sehatpour at NKI.RFMH.ORG
Tue Dec 13 04:09:14 CET 2005

I am going through the tutorial for "event related averaging" and everything worked well untill I got to plotting the topographic distribution using the topoplotER. 
At this point when I enter the command which is in the tutorial, I get an error message as follows:
cfg = [];
cfg.xlim = [0.3 0.5];
creating layout for ctf151 MEG system
??? Undefined command/function 'dist'.
Error in ==> work\private\createlayout at 100
    d = dist(prj');
Error in ==> topoplotER at 184
  lay = createlayout(data.grad);  
Could someone please tell me what this error is? and how it should be corrected?
The topoplotER version that I am using is from today 12/12/05

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