[FieldTrip] Question for normalization issues

Elif Tülay e.eliftulay at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 15:33:16 CEST 2023

Dear Fieldtrippers,

I need guidance so I would be happy if you give me an idea.

I have done coherence and power analysis on a EEG dataset to feed a Machine
learning classifier. As you know, coherence values vary between 0 and 1,
also power values have both positive and negative values. Now, the question
is that do I need to log or z transform for coherence values before running
the model or the values have already be normalized (I do not think so but I
wanted to ask). Also do I need to normalize power values before running the

P.S: for coherence measure default cfg.complex setting (abs) was used.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and help,

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