[FieldTrip] combine MEG data in CTF .ds format with EEG data in ANT eeprobe (.cnt) file

Eshwar Ghumare eshwargg at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 12:27:03 CEST 2023

I am trying to combine simultaneously acquired MEG data in CTF .ds format
and EEG data in ANT eeprobe 64-bit extended (.cnt) format in single .ds
file.  I am using the CTF toolbox under Field Trip to read and write the
CTF file. The triggers sent help me align the data, including resampling.

I modified ds.res4.chanNames, ds.res4.senres and data to add the required
EEG channels from the CNT file. But I think I am unsure about qgain, gain.
By setting the qgain, gain, equal to 1 for the EEG channels and using unit
'T' ( that is, EEG data copied to CNT was converted to volts) for reading
and writing the file, I can write the file successfully, but when I read
the saved file again, my EEG data copied from CNT is changed to 0 for all

Could anyone please guide me on the correct way to do so?
Thank you in advance for the help
Best regards,
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