[FieldTrip] [Fieldtrip] Analysis Options for SSVEPs

Nathan Han nathanthomas.han at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 10:35:20 CET 2023

Hi all,

I'm still quite a novice with Fieldtrip and signal processing so please
forgive me if this question is dumb :)

I'm running an experiment where there is a visual stimulus on the left and
right side of the screens, the purpose of which is to elicit SSVEPs. One
circle flickers at 13Hz (e.g., the left side) and the other flickers at
15Hz (e.g., the right side). I would like to analyse the change in visual
spatial attention over the course of the trial and one way I was thinking
was that if attention switches from the left to the right side of the
screen, that 13Hz power would reduce while 15Hz power would increase over
the course of the trial.

I'm not sure if that even makes sense or if it is possible. If it does, I
would like to ask how should I approach this analysis?

Kind regards,
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