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Guten Tag, 

Ich bin vom 05.02.2023 bis 10.02.2023 nicht im Büro und kann die Emails nur sehr unregelmäßig lesen und beantworten. Die Emails werden auch nicht weitergeleitet.  

I am out of the office from 05.02.2023 to 10.02.2023 and can only read and answer emails very sporadically. The emails are also not being forwarded.  

Viele Grüße / Best regards
Stephan Frisch

Am 06.02.2023 um 00:30 schrieb Jose Herrero via fieldtrip <fieldtrip at science.ru.nl>:

> Dear FieldTrip community,
> A Postdoc position is available in the human intracranial EEG
> Laboratory at The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research in New York
> (USA). The open position is funded by a newly awarded NIH grant to study
> the cortical and subcortical mechanisms underlying interoception,
> particularly breathing sensations (respiroception) including dyspnea
> (affective and sensory components of breathlessness), the neural control of
> breathing, and brain-body interactions (biofeedback).
> The lab works with patients being evaluated for epilepsy surgery using
> methods such as invasive stereo EEG and electrocorticography recordings
> (iEEG, ECoG). Imaging data (MRI, fMRI, DTI), surface EEG, eyetracking are
> also available. There is a focus on using neuromodulation methods (i.e.,
> invasive and non-invasive electrical stimulation). General research topics
> include the investigation of neuronal dynamics underlying selective
> attention and active sensing, auditory/speech analysis, and neural
> correlates of object identification.
> The ideal candidate has a PhD and/or MSc in neuroscience, biomedical
> engineering, psychology, or related field. She/he should have a solid
> background in signal processing (either ECoG, EEG/MEG, or fMRI),
> programming (Matlab or Python), statistics, and scientific writing. He/she
> should be comfortable working in a lab where there is interaction with
> clinical environments. The position is computationally focused, and
> responsibilities include analysis of neural, imaging, and behavioral data
> using existing scripts (Matlab and Python), further development of analysis
> scripts, and database mining. Responsibilities will also include assisting
> with the collection and analysis of data, project management, assistance
> with preparing progress reports and grant applications, and helping to
> present lab findings at conferences and in journals.
> ------------ Qualifications -------------
> Minimum:
> - MSc and/or PhD in an appropriate discipline (e.g., neuroscience,
> biomedical engineering, computer science, physics, psychology)
> - Experience with at least one programming language (MATLAB, R, or Python)
> - 1 year commitment
> Desirable:
> - Prior experience working with ECoG/EEG/MEG, neuroimaging, or brain
> stimulation data
> - Previous experience working with patients
> - Previous work in a research laboratory that shows evidence of
> independent scholarship, problem solving, and motivation
> - 2 years commitment
> - Previous publications
> The position is funded by a newly awarded NIH (NHLBI-RO1) grant, 2 years
> guaranteed, with expected start date *as soon as possible*. The candidate
> will have ample opportunities to work closely with national and
> international collaborators and will expose the successful applicant to
> basic and clinical neuroscience as well as neurosurgery, neurology, and
> neuropsychology. The location of the institute allows living in either
> Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, or the suburban neighborhoods of Long
> Island.
> If you are interested, please send your CV, names and contacts of 2-3
> references (ideally researchers), along with possible questions about the
> positions to Jose Herrero, PhD (jherreroru at northwell.edu) and/or Ashesh Mehta,
> MD PhD (amehta at northwell.edu). We are looking forward to hearing from you!
> Thanks,
> --
> Jose L Herrero, PhD
> Assistant Professor
> Department of Neurosurgery, Northwell
> Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
> New York
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