[FieldTrip] Cluster based statistics on channel-channel-freq connectivity

Michael Glassen mglassen at shp.rutgers.edu
Thu Aug 31 21:16:32 CEST 2023

Hi all,

I wanted to know if it was valid to run cluster based statistics on connectomes created using ft_connectivity analysis on source data generated from ft_virtualchannel. This gives me a connectome with channel_channel_frequency dimensions. If this is valid, I was wondering how neighbors would work. I created a neighbor file for the atlas I’m using that works on power cluster statistics, but I’m unsure how this translates to connectome now that there are channel pairs. I was thinking of editing the connectome to be channelpair_frequency, and creating a neighbor file at the channel pair level. If neither of these neighbor approaches work, would it be valid to run stats without a neighbor file(clustering only based on frequency)? Any input would be appreciated!

Michael Glassen

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