[FieldTrip] Inquiry regarding "cfg.rotate"

Petar Atanasov PAtanasov at uclan.ac.uk
Tue Aug 1 09:30:00 CEST 2023

Good evening,
I am currently analysing some co-registered eye-tracking and electroencephalography fixation-related potential (FRP) data.
I am using MATLAB 2022b but I have also replicated the issue with MATLAB 2020b.
For the pre-processing of the data, I have used EEGLAB 2023.0 as well as the EYE-EEG 0.99 and Unfold.

I have been trying to plot topographies and waveforms via the "ft_multiplotER" and the "ft_topoplotER" functions, such that my frontal electrodes are at the top of the image and the occipital electrodes are at the bottom of the image.
However, when I plot the data both with the default as well as with "-90" or "90" degree rotation via "cfg.rotate", my images always show frontal electrodes on the right and occipital electrodes on the left.

When I plot the channel locations with the same coordinates in EEGLAB I get the images with the correct orientation for all electrodes.

Can you please advice on how I may be able to rotate my images correctly and why is it that "cfg.rotate" may not be working as expected?

I am happy to provide further information as needed.
Thank you in advance for your feedback and assistance with my inquiry.
Kind regards,

Petar Atanasov
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