[FieldTrip] Using different Optimization functions for dipole fitting

Bastola, Subrat sxb2391 at mavs.uta.edu
Wed Aug 31 19:30:30 CEST 2022

Hello fellow Fieldtrip users,

So I was trying to compare different optimization methods for dipole fitting. I use Brainstorm, and found out that Brainstorm uses Fieldtrip’s function ft_dipolefitting for fitting dipoles, which eventually uses the fminunc or fminsearch for optimization purpose.

So my question was that- Instead of using fminsearch or fminunc as specifies in the Fieldtrip ft_inverse_dipolefit, can we use other optimizers such as fmincon , fseminf , lsqcurvefit , lsqnonlin? If yes, can we just change the optimfun to let’s say fmincon and run the optimization on fieldtrip, or only fminunc and fminsearch work for the purpose of dipole fiitings?

S Bastola
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