[FieldTrip] cluster based repeated measures factorial Manova

Cavallo, Umberto (Stud. FPN) u.cavallo at student.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Sat May 22 17:12:27 CEST 2021

Dear Drs. Oostenveld, Maris and fieldtrip community.
I am facing some problems with the statistical analysis of my ERP experiment.
I conducted a ERP experiment using visual stimuli which is characterized by a within subjects design. I have 8 independent variables (4 active stimuli and 4 control stimuli) and since both the paradigm and the stimulus set used are novel I am not making a-priori assumptions about the effects of interest in time and space.
In order to analyse my data I am planning to perform a cluster based permutation test based on a repeated measures factorial Manova.
My aim with this test is to: find the F value associated to each of my conditions at each time point/electrode. Find clusters of significant F values in time and space and then perform the cluster-based permutation test with the appropriate non-parametric correction.

Given the fact that I am new to fieldtrip I would like to know if such analysis can be performed using the option: 'ft_statfun_depsamplesFmultivariate'. If it is possible, should I specify my design only by appropriately pairing subjects/condition in the 2 row design vector? I have 3 factors with 2,3,3 levels respectively and I am not sure I am properly conducting the analysis.

Finally does this approach make sense or it is unnecessarily complicated? I was previously thinking to do this type of analysis using depsampleT statistics, however I will have to perform 16 cluster-based permutation t-tests in order to test my effects of interest which would lead to MCP again.

Hope the message was clear and brief.



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