[FieldTrip] Manually marking artifacts in ft_databrowser on segmented data

Florea Cristina cristina.florea at sbg.ac.at
Wed May 5 12:31:09 CEST 2021

Dear Filedtrip community,

I have EEG data from an EGI system and I would like to manually mark the epochs that contain movement artifacts. With ft_databrowser one can theoretically mark artifacts on both continuous and segmented data. But the problem is, I cannot make it work. I use this code:

cfg.continuous = 'no';
cfg.preproc.lpfilter = 'yes';
cfg.preproc.lpfreq = 30;
cfg.viewmode = 'vertical';
cfg.layout = lay;
%manual_artifacts = ft_databrowser(cfg, data_epoched);

And I get this error:

Error using zeros
Size inputs must be integers.

Error in convert_event>artifact2artvec (line 179)
artvec = zeros(length(artifact), endsample);

Error in convert_event (line 103)
    obj = artifact2artvec(obj,endsample);

Error in ft_databrowser (line 502)
artdata.trial{1}   = convert_event(artifact, 'boolvec', 'endsample', datendsample); % every artifact is a "channel"

Error in Script3 (line 268)
ft_databrowser(cfg, data_epoched);

Is there a way to mark artifacts in ft_databrowser on segmented data?

Thank you!


Cristina Florea
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