[FieldTrip] does ft_freqanalysis output single or double-sided FFT amplitudes?

Jack Fogarty jf752 at uowmail.edu.au
Tue May 4 03:41:06 CEST 2021

Hi Fieldtrip team,

Could you please clarify, do the 'ft_freqanalysis' or 'ft_specest_mtmfft' functions output data reflecting the single or double-sided fourier spectrum? The lines 846-854 in ft_freqanalysis suggests to me it should be single-sided - is that correct?

  % correct the 0 Hz or Nyqist bin if present, scaling with a factor of 2 is only appropriate for ~0 Hz
  if ~isempty(hasdc_nyq)
    if keeprpt>1
      fourierspctrm(:,:,hasdc_nyq,:) = fourierspctrm(:,:,hasdc_nyq,:)./sqrt(2);
      fourierspctrm(:,hasdc_nyq,:) = fourierspctrm(:,hasdc_nyq,:)./sqrt(2);
  freq.fourierspctrm = fourierspctrm;


Jack Fogarty, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Officer

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