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Dear colleagues,
at Front Neurolab - RITMO, University of Oslo, we have an open Ph.D. fellow
position to work on Auditory Predictions using intracranial EEG recordings.
Please spread the word!
PS: We will also announce soon a postdoc position to work on single-unit

*Brief description of the position:*

A Doctoral Research Fellowship (SKO 1017) in cognitive neuroscience is
available at RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and
Motion at the University of Oslo <https://www.uio.no/ritmo/english/>.

The doctoral fellow will work on the project “Neurophysiological Mechanisms
of Human Auditory Predictions: From population- to single neuron recordings
<https://www.uio.no/ritmo/english/projects/audiopred/index.html>”, and will
have a primary affiliation with the Structure and cognition cluster
<https://www.uio.no/ritmo/english/research/structure-cognition/>at RITMO. *The
overarching aim of the project is to identify the neurophysiological basis
of auditory predictions *beyond “classical” auditory areas. We will record
electrical signals directly from the brains of patients with epilepsy
(implanted with electrodes for clinical reasons) while they for example
listen to streams of regular sounds that are occasionally replaced by
unexpected events. We aim to delineate how distinct brain areas play
different roles and interact in encoding auditory regularities, predicting
upcoming sounds, and detecting unexpected sounds or silences.

The work of the doctoral fellow will have a particular focus on the roles
of hierarchically organized brain areas and the different frequencies of
oscillations supporting their communication during the prediction of
regularities of auditory stimuli. The interaction between attention and
predictions will also be addressed.

In collaboration with interdisciplinary research staff, the doctoral fellow
will develop a subproject that addresses core research questions of the
overarching project. She/he is expected to be involved in all aspects of
the research, including experimental design, data collection, signal
analysis, and publishing results related to the project aims.

The project will be conducted in collaboration with the Department of
Neurosurgery at Oslo University Hospital, Norway, the Department of
Psychology/Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at UC Berkeley, USA, and the
Neurosciences and Complex Systems Unit at El Cruce Hospital - CONICET,

The appointment is for a duration of three years, starting February 1st,
Qualification requirements


   A Master's degree or equivalent degree with a background in cognitive
   neuroscience, computational neuroscience, biomedical engineering,
   biomedical sciences, or related fields qualifying for admission to the
   Ph.D. program at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences,
   University of Oslo. The applicant is required to document that the degree
   corresponds to the profile for the post. The degree must have been obtained
   by the time of application.

   Experience and knowledge in two or more of the following: a) Cognitive
   models and brain structure/function, b) Cognitive experimental designs, c)
   Programming skills, d) Processing of electrophysiological data
   (event-related potentials and oscillatory activity), and e) Statistics.

   Personal suitability and motivation for the position.

   Excellent skills in written and oral English. Speaking a Scandinavian
   language is an advantage due to interaction with patients, but not a

   The candidate’s proposed research project must be closely connected to
   RITMO’s research profile.

   Experience with working across disciplines is an advantage.

*Deadline 1st September 2021*

*More information:*

Alejandro Blenkmann, PhD
Researcher / AudioPred
<https://www.uio.no/ritmo/english/projects/audiopred/index.html> Project
Front Neurolab - RITMO
University of Oslo
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