[FieldTrip] MEG FEM on HCP & Tutorial Bugs on Mac

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Mon Jun 21 23:09:23 CEST 2021

Dear Fieldtrip Community,
I am hoping to run MEG sources using a 5-comp segmentation + FEM volume conductance model using the HCP data.  
Some issues:
1)  I don't know if this is possible, given that some of the important aspects of the data (e.g., channel location files) are embedded in the already run sources (I think using BEM).  Can I just use a default here?  Somewhere I found that the default should be under megaconnectome/template, but I didn't see a channel location file there, or maybe I am missing it. 
2) In one of the tutorials, it mentions that individual MRIs are not available, but I was able to download them from the HCP data repository, so I don't think this should be an issue.
3.) I have run into some issues with the 5-comp FEM tutorial for MEG data here: Solving the EEG and MEG forward problem using the finite element method - FieldTrip toolbox

- First,   ft_sourceplot(cfg, seg_i); returns the  error "Error using ft_sourceplot (line 695) no anatomy is present and no functional data is selected, please check your cfg.funparameter"
- Second, I don't know why the 3 compartment model is run before the 5 compartment model, and there's a duplicate command there fo seg_i under the 5-comp model.

4) I have had tons of errors trying to get 'duneuro' working.  Is it even possible to run this on a Mac?  I think many neuroimagers use Mac/PC, and we would like to use this software.  Is it possible on Mac?  Or must it be run via Linux ?  Mostly, I am not even sure where to begin with the installation of that software, and I have 10+ years getting tricky neuroimaging software (e.g., Circos) running... but it could just be an issue with Mac Big Sur.
Thank you for your help.
- Joe 

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