[FieldTrip] ICA artifact correction for continuous multimodal MEG and EEG data

Erfan Vi erfan1994vi at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 09:10:51 CET 2021

Dear all,
I am an SPM user and not familiar with the Fieldtrip toolbox and have a
resting state multimodal MEG and EEG data without any trial definition for
epoching.  What I want to know is that can I use ICA artifact correction
for my multimodal continuous data (10 minutes recorded data) and get
acceptable results? I have performed SVD artifact correction in SPM but the
output wasn't good. I have used the EEGLAB toolbox just for EEG and the
result wasn't acceptable again, because I think EEGLAB performance depends
on epoching the data but it's crucial for me to maintain the continuous
form. Does the same condition true about the Fieldtrip?
Best regards,
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