[FieldTrip] mMSE plotting steps

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Thanks Jan this is great help. I have made a small proposed edit on the github page to add this code.

I am an epilepsy specialist/researcher from melbourne. Are questions like this best asked through this email as I am beginning to learn on matlab/fieldtrip for my project and may have some more?

Mubeen J

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Hi Mubeen,

Perhaps the team that wrote the documentation might want to chime in here, but the instructions looks clear enough to me.

If you hack the output data structure into something that looks as if it is a channel level time-frequency data structure (as documented in ft_datatype_freq), you can use ft_multiplotTFR


freq = keepfields(mmsedata,{‘label’ ’time’});
freq.dimord = ‘chan_freq_time’;
freq.freq = 1:size(mmsedata.r,2);
freq.powspctrm = mmsedata.r (or mmsedata.sampen, depending on what you want to visualize).

Please try it out, and once this works for you could you please add this to the documentation on the website?

Best wishes,

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Could I get help here after running the mMSE function
this is my output

however i am having trouble proceeding with these instructions

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