[FieldTrip] Mutual information analysis on LCMV source localised time series

Xavier Vrijdag x.vrijdag at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Jan 11 03:29:25 CET 2021

Hello list,

Happy new year.

I am using the mutual information analysis from the IBTB toolbox as incorporated in fieldtrip to run connectivity analysis on resting state EEG data (32 channels) of participants exposed to narcotic gases. I found an increase in mutual information in the frontal region compared to baseline. I am interested to further localize this effect, so I setup a LCMV beamformer source localization. However, in the derived time series of the virtual channels the mutual information effect is completely gone. Could someone help me explain this effect? Could it be that LCMV, in its attempt to calculate the spatial filters, cancels out the mutual information in the EEG signals?

If helpful I can share the Matlab scripts of the analysis pipeline.


Xavier Vrijdag

Xavier Vrijdag, MSc

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