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Hayriye Cagnan hayriye.cagnan at ndcn.ox.ac.uk
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We are seeking a neuroscientist who will execute, analyse, and report on a series of experiments in Parkinson’s disease patients utilising state of the art invasive and non-invasive brain stimulation strategies, as part of a research programme that is designed to elucidate the role of neural synchrony in function and dysfunction.

This post offers exciting opportunities for creative neuroscientists who enjoy collaborative, multidisciplinary work. In addition to having a PhD (or M.D.) or equivalent qualification in a relevant discipline (either held or submitted at the time of appointment), candidates should have a promising track record of original research in their particular field of neuroscience. Candidates are also expected to have expertise in one or more of the following: 1) designing and executing electrophysiological and/or neuroimaging experiments, 2) analysis of neuroimaging / electrophysiological / behavioural data using standard signal processing techniques and where appropriate machine learning, 3) computational modelling of brain circuits. In addition, they will provide evidence of creative and critical thinking as applied to the development and execution of a cohesive programme of research.

The post holder will be part of the Cagnan Group based at the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit (MRC BNDU), University of Oxford. The research group has a strong track record in selectively and dynamically modulating neural synchrony to achieve controlled effects on neural communication. Thus, the Cagnan Group aims to establish the role of synchrony in healthy behaviour and identify novel ways of treating disturbed synchrony in disease. The proposed research will take full advantage of the intellectual environment, capital equipment, technical expertise, and excellent infrastructure in place at the MRC BNDU and NDCN.

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